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Posted By Karlie on 04/05/19

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a Tranny. She was absolutely gorgeous, and I was instantly attracted to her. Naturally, I had no idea she was packing a giant cock, and when I found out, it elevated my arousal to a level I didn’t know existed. Right now viewers can take advantage of this discount to Trans Erotica for up to 75% off and have a massive library of the sexiest hardcore Tranny content available online at your fingertips.

Most Tranny sites seem to focus on solo masturbation videos, and although you’ll find some of those here, it’s definitely not the most abundant action. You’ll find shemales fucking one another as well as hooking up with males and females. There are even some gangbangs and bisexual foursomes that will blow your mind.

Members will be happy to know that they’ll have access to content from 8 sites as well as everything that Trans Erotica delivers. That’s a massive amount of hardcore Tranny porn you don’t want to miss. I suggest you act fast though while this deal lasts.

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Posted By Karlie on 03/30/19

Whether you’re just curious or an avid viewer of transgender porn, you’re sure to get your money’s worth here. Right now you can even snag a discount of up to 45% at here and witness transgender beauty at its finest.

This is an award-winning site that took home the XBiz Best Transsexual Website in 2015 and continues to set the bar high. You’ll find beautiful trannys from all over the world here. Grooby Production has been scouring the globe to find the most gorgeous chicks with dick for more than 15 years. All of the content featured here is 100% exclusive so you won’t find it anywhere else.

Members will have more than 1,700+ hardcore videos and a staggering 150,000+ photos. The action covers everything from intimate solo masturbation to intense hardcore fucking, and it’s all brought to you in stunning HD quality. With more than 400+ models to choose from, you’re sure to find the hottie of your dreams. This is a deal that’s too good to pass up. I suggest you act fast though, while it still lasts. 

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Posted By Karlie on 03/21/19

Women’s clothing designers are absolute geniuses. Clothing can take a pretty girl and turn her into a stunner. Accentuating a woman’s curves and best assets has been vital in marketing since the beginning of the industry. Lingerie is a favorite for most men, but personally, I find a woman in a dress or business suit to be just as seductive. If you like seeing naked men getting pleased by fully clothed females, then this is the site for you. Right now you can take advantage of this discount of 72% off Pure CFNM.

Your membership will get you full access to more than 600+ sexy movies, many of which are in Full HD so you’ll have crystal clear shots of all the glorious details. The action varies from horny couples that are in too big of a hurry to get it on for the babe to even get her clothes off while others have more of a Femdom theme. You’ll also have Hey Little Dick, Lady Voyeurs, Amateur CFNM, and Girls Abuse Guys at your fingertips as added bonuses.

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Posted By Admin on 03/04/19

I guess this was a very simple test for me, at least once I realised what happened.

It’s pretty clear that this pic focuses on her feet and such is the focus predominantly at this site, as you would expect. My eyes went straight to the punani however and the fact that the focus on her feet was actually a bother to me, an obstruction so it clearly did absolutely nothing for me.

I get it however, I’m definitely not saying that people that have a foot fetish are freaks and if I am then I would that that is their freak, because mine is just something different and suck is the case with all of us. Many, if not most, have our little or perhaps bigger thing off the beaten track, not so vanilla, that gets our heart rates up.

Sometimes I feel like we all do, some have either just not discovered it yet and others may be reluctant to admit it for fear of judgement.

You can save 51% off with a Foot Fetish Daily discount and have a blast if this is what gets your freak on.

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Posted By Admin on 02/21/19

Pushing the boundary starts right from the moment you decide to watch NoLimits Cams. There is no holding back on these webcams and once you decide to enter it’s up to you to know when to leave. Time is going to pass like it doesn’t even exist. These are just the moments that come when you’ve got such willing cam girls to watch going for it live before your very eyes.

Passion and pleasure come when you express yourself and your desires for online sex. Horny girls know this and it’s one of the reasons that they know guys like yourself will do anything to watch them strip naked on webcam. Since this is all about pushing things to the limit you might need to be ready for anything and have an open mind to enjoy it.

Envy isn’t something that even needs to be in your vocabulary. There is no shortage of girls to go around and chatting to them live is going to be something that you’ll do on a daily basis. Once you make that connection there is no going back, not when you know this is what your cock wants and that you need to give it everything it needs!

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Posted By Karlie on 02/09/19

Most of us won’t ever get to experience what it’s really like to have sex with a beautiful Tranny. Thanks to modern technology, the people at VR have provided viewers with the next best thing. This site brings you hardcore action that’s the closest many of us will ever come to the real thing. Right now you can even take advantage of this Tranz VR discount for up to 34% off and see what I’m talking about for yourself.

The Tranz VR site is a new site, and they’re starting out with a bang. Well-known Tranny stars like Erika Lee, Juliana Leal, and the beautiful Bellatrix are all on the roster, so you already know it’s going to be fantastic. Now just imagine being able to fuck any one of them. This site is going to bring you that POV action like you’ve never seen before. The scenes are brought to you in stunning 4K 3D quality that provides 180-degree views. This is the kind of action you just have to see for yourself.

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Posted By Trendy on 01/14/19

What’s hotter than watching a trans girl fucking a guy in the ass? Trick question. Nothing! There’s just something so amazing about seeing a hot chick using her big cock like a pro. It’s taboo, it’s erotic, and it’s exactly what gets me off harder than anything else. I’m sure glad I’m a member of She Plays With Her Cock, because now I’ve got the best trans content and a great deal to go with it.

What deal exactly? Well, comes with the entire Evil Angel network. If you know anything about Evil Angel, you know they are the best and nastiest hardcore network out there. You’ll get all 26 hardcore sites for free just for signing up for this site! And guess what? You’ll get several more trans sites too since they’re also in the same network, like TS Playground, Transsexual Angel, and SheMale Idol. I’m getting so hard just thinking about all that hot girlie cock.

Click our link to snatch up this big discount to She Plays With Her Cock for 87% off. You won’t regret it.


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Posted By Admin on 12/30/18

If you are looking for some hot tranny bitches who aren’t afraid to put their cocks to good use, I have quite the treat for you. This site is chock full of the sexiest girls who just happen to have massive throbbing pricks between their legs, and you will be delighted to see tons of hot exclusive HD videos where they are sucking and being sucked, fucking and being fucked, and just about any other dirty combination of debauchery that you can possibly think of.

All you have to is click to get your own Shemale Idol discount worth 87% off here and you are going to love every second of the hot content that you get here! You get hundreds of sexy videos here as well as thousands of hot photos. It is all fully downloadable and the highest quality, and you even get an entire sexy porn network here included free. This includes the sexy shemales, as well as other sites with tons of hot women. There’s no end to the amount of variety, or fresh updates that just keep coming. Take advantage of this deal and start getting off to it all today!

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Posted By Admin on 12/06/18

When it comes to women who take control, no one does it quite as well as the MILFs. These are women who know what they want, how to get it, and how to give it. When a MILF wants to exercise her authority, you had better let her.

This isn’t always a matter of wives cuckolding husbands or a woman pegging a man. Sometimes a woman claims all the power just by being seductive and making the first move. Sometimes the authority she claims places her in the role of a sort of sexual teacher. Many different scenarios play out with older women inside of the MYLF Network.

A lot of the videos here feature these seasoned temptresses aggressively going after the men that they want. In a lot of cases, they are younger. Sometimes, they are even their stepsons or daughter’s boyfriend.

Here is a discount to MYLF with 67% off. This will get you in to every site in the mega pass for one cheap price. When you crave a milf, this is where you can find them.

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Posted By Gush on 11/17/18

I love Evil Angel because it’s not a place for people with romantic delusions; it’s a place where sex doesn’t have anything to do with love,  and what you see there is just based on pure perversion and fetish. So, if you’re looking for female-friendly porn, I’m sorry, but you’ve come the wrong way. You need to turn back and head somewhere else. Evil Angel is for people who want to see stuff that is extra-nasty.

Although the chicks are extremely hot and have everything they need to be proper glamour models, there is no glamour to be seen. There’s domination, humiliation, drooling, gag spit, bubbly jizz on fucked faces; there’s getting fucked in the ass by horny trannies, there are girls who do wonders with their assholes, and a lot more. And I’m talking about top-quality, super-production porn in 4K Ultra HD. is a network of 28 hardcore porn sites, including Anal Acrobats, Lesbian Older Younger, I Love Black Shemales, and POV Blowjobs. Take advantage of this 84% off Evil Angel discount and enjoy this place of pure perversion for a cheaper price.

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Posted By Trendy on 10/26/18

There’s just something super erotic about shemales. It might be the taboo of seeing a hot chick with all the curves but the raging hard cock between those legs, knowing she is able to give you the best of both worlds. Isn’t it so hot to watch a girl fuck the shit out of a guy’s ass? Do you like watching guys on their knees suckings a girl’s giant dick? Or maybe you’d rather watch a slutty vixen lay back and stroke her organ until she cums all over herself.

If you can’t get enough naughty tranny action, this Grooby Archives deal is going to be right up your alley. Grooby Archives is actually a hub for the best content from their four most popular websites, so you know you’ll not only be getting the best content but also a pleasurable variety of T-girl erotica. You’ll enjoy content from AKA Shemale Yum, Black TGirls, Brazilian Transsexuals, and Ladyboy-Ladyboy. That’s right, the best European, Black, Brazilian, and Asian shemale smut in over 36,000 videos and 46,000 galleries.

This Grooby Archives discount saves 48% off and is too big to pass up.

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Posted By Admin on 10/06/18

I will always and forever love a woman who takes control. And like most things I love, sometimes I take it to extreme. Not only do I want a woman who knows what she wants and takes the lead, I want to watch women who are so completely in control that they are making their men their bitches. In fact, my favorite types of sex scenes involve one or more women wearing a strap-on and fucking a dude.

I’ve never personally had a strap-on in my mouth or asshole, but for some chicks as hot as these, I would gladly do whatever they asked of me. The naughtier and nastier the better! With this deal I get up to 87% off Strap Attackers with this discount. Which gives me full network access to tons of nasty and explicit sex scenes that let my fantasy run wild.

This is full HD quality material, and there are more than 25 full network sites included for the price of one. There are even updates every day! Sign up now to get the hottest content for the lowest price!

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Posted By Karlie on 10/04/18

Alright fellas, have you ever let your woman wear a strap? It sounds strange, I know. You’re probably saying no way I’m not gay, but I say you don’t know what you’re missing. You don’t have to be gay or bi to enjoy this kind of play and who even uses labels anymore anyway?

All I’m saying is that it’s extremely erotic for both you and your lady. Everyone knows that a man’s gspot is located right by his prostate and how do you get to it? Up the ass.

Now for women it’s a different kind of turn on. It’s empowering for them. They get aroused by the control it gives them. So it’s a win win.

I’m not saying you have to get on your knees and suck her off, although if you’re man enough to try it, it’s a great time. It doesn’t hurt you a bit and she will get soaking wet.

Sign up now and get 76% off Strap Attackers with our discount

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Posted By Admin on 09/11/18

It’s no secret that I love porn and I watch a hell of a whole lot of it. Shemales rank pretty high for me, but my tastes are varied. I love a lot of mainstream pornstars too, and there are even quite a few guys I like to follow just to watch who they get to fuck. Basically, I love seeing everyone fucking and the dirtier the better, so long as it’s shot in high quality. I prefer pros to amateurs, but the occasional new performer is welcome so long as she is delivered to me in HD. I don’t bother with anything less.

All of the above reasons are why I am loving my Evil Angel Network pass. I can’t figure out why it took me so long to join. It took coming across this 81% off Shemale Idol with this discount to get me to snag a membership. I didn’t even realize what an awesome tranny porn selection Evil Angel has until I stumbled into Shemale Idol. I’ve spent the last couple days exploring the network and having a really hard time tearing away from all the gorgeous Tgirls to take care of things in offline life.

Get your pass right now and start enjoying hundreds of highly explicit shemale porn flicks, as well as 25 other network sites.

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Posted By Admin on 07/09/18

Just when I thought tranny porn couldn’t get any hotter, I came across this video of this guy getting spit roasted between two gorgeous tgirls, and I knew my porn game was changed forever. Welcome to Tag Team Tranny, where there’s more action for shemale sex lovers than anywhere else online!

Not every scene is necessarily going to contain two shemales and one dude. Some have two guys sharing one tranny, or about any combination you could think of. But every scene does have at least three dicks, some on chicks, and they’re all always going hard!

You can save 63% off with a discount for Tag Team Tranny and enjoy every hot scene this site has to offer. In fact, you get over 15 sites included, which includes another exclusive trans site! They have unlimited downloads, fast streaming, and daily updates. If you’re not really seeing a downside here, all I can say is me either!

Go here to check out even more Shemale Discounts that will all have your head spinning, your cock throbbing, and your wallet looking fatter than ever!

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